Saturday Small Talk

What a great weekend so far. And it’s only Saturday morning! Last night, we went to Traverse City to celebrate a friend’s birthday with some good food, yummy drinks, and lots of laughter. Happy birthday, Christina! This morning, the husband is off ice fishing, and I’m going to finish up the desk I’ve been working on. Pictures to come! This is what I started with:

IMG_2273In the meantime….

How to make a quick, healthy dinner.

Mmm….nutella! And homemade, too. Straight from the kitchen of Brown Eyed Baker.

Jenna at Eat Live Run created this awesome sounding recipe. Turkey and Avocado Burritos. They will probably show up on the dinner table next week.

As a task for one of my freelance admin support positions, I’m learning more about Evernote by reading this short, little book. So far, it (both evernote and the book) seems like the bomb, and I might have to sign up for my own account. Any evernote users out there?

Happy Saturday!