Tiramisu (cheater style)

Tiramisu can be a really daunting, intimidating thing to face. I, for one, was solidly in that camp. And then I found this recipe from bakeaholic. Not only does it make individual, self serve portions (LOVE), but it’s ridiculously easy.

You’ll need to find lady fingers. I found them in the Italian section of my grocery store. If you can’t find something specifically called lady fingers, check the specialty cookies, and see if you can find something similar. They may also be called sponge cookies. After that, the ingredients are pretty normal–coffee, Baileys, whipped cream.

Disclaimer: I fully understand this isn’t authentic. There are no whipped eggs. No marscapone. I get it. But was fully satisfied with the deliciousness of this dessert, nonetheless.

The recipe recommends individual ramekins. I used wine glasses, and broke the cookies in half. I feel like martini glasses would be super great. But you can make your own choices!