Good bye, summer

Hello fall!

As much as I love summer and hate to see it go, I’m excited about all the uniqueness of fall that is coming my way. Maybe I can only say that because it feels so summery today (88 degrees, sunny, warm breeze..) Maybe if it were blustery and cold and cloudy, I wouldn’t be so excited to see fall heading my way.

After all, the summer has been great! Check out Posts I love to see all of summer’s adventures. I backpacked the AT, ran a half marathon, had a great 4th of July weekend, and went on an epic roadtrip to see the West coast. All this on top of surviving my first MasterWorks Festival.

But, bring on fall. I love:

  • cooler running temperatures
  • fall vegetables….squash and pumpkins
  • spice cake and cookies and bread and….
  • falling leaves and their beautiful colors
  • weekend camping trips
  • apples and the orchards that they come from
  • hot cider and cinnamon sugar donuts
  • hoodie sweatshirts
  • crisp breezes
  • bonfires

That said….bring it! I’m ready for a new season. A new selection of in-season produce. A new contingent of clothing (scarves? sweaters? jackets? anyone?)

What do you look forward to, now that it’s the first day of fall? What’s your favorite part of this season?