2011 Rocks Already

This showed up in my inbox recently:

That’s right! I booked my ticket for my February trip to DC. It’s going to be a great! A few days of wandering the city, seeing the Smithsonian, drinking coffee with Emily, and hanging out with Cara. I can’t wait. We got a great deal on flights and will be staying with Cara’s sister, so it’ll be a really affordable vacation. ‘Cuz that’s how we roll.

Also! Let me tell you have I have fallen in love with groupon. Cara and I have massages (half off!) coming our way early in the new year, we’re getting sushi (half off!) next week, and (most excitingly!) I just bought this:

That’s right. I’m going skydiving. It’s on the bucket list, I’ve gotta make it happen! I can’t wait for the snow to melt. Once it does, I’ll be jumping (out of a plane) for joy. Ha. It’ll rock.

I wanna know: Have you made any plans for 2011 yet? What are you looking forward to in the new year?