I jumped out of a plane!

I jumped out of a perfectly good plane, in fact! It was so much fun. There are no words to describe what it feels like to fall out of a plane. None.

Friends, meet Janna!

We were a bit worried that we wouldn’t get to jump (for the second week in a row), due to bad weather (ahem…clouds). While we were on the weather hold, we took some pictures. Because….why not?

Before too long, the clouds had cleared, and we were handed jumpsuits and harnesses (extremely attractive). Once we were suit-clad, we had more time to kill while the first load went up.

We weren’t allowed to take our cameras up with us on the plane, so I don’t have any pictures of us jumping. Here are two random people in the group before us, though!

Before long, it was our turn to take off. Ready, set, go! No turning back now. We jumped from over 2 miles above the ground, and fell for about 5 minutes.

I can’t wait until I can go again! If you’re thinking about skydiving, stop. No more thinking, just do it. You won’t regret it!


P.P.S. Bucket list item (as well as 2011 goal): CHECK!

April Showers

Apropos. The first day of April was dreary and rainy. Hopefully this isn’t a sign for things to come, because it’s going to be a great month, I can feel it already.

Food: 101 in 1001….keep on truckin’! Try 4 new-to-me recipes. Including meatloaf.

SKYDIVING! Per the bucket list (and the 30 before 30. I like lists. Don’t hate), I’m going skydiving at the end of the month. Some friends and I got a groupon (super great deal!), so we’re going to jump out of a plane!

Finances: Start my Roth. For real this time. Also, I need to get my accounts back in order post-car buying extravaganza, and set new savings goals and spending limits.

Work out: Run twice a week. Swim once. Yoga class once. Abs 4 days a week.

Climbing: I bought climbing shoes, so now I have no excuse not to go climb. Often For you outdoor enthusiasts, check out steepandcheap.com. I got a great deal!

Travel: Iowa next weekend, Easter at home, skydiving the last weekend…lots of travel and bonding time with the new ride 🙂

I wanna know: what sort of awesome-ness is happening in your world this month?

2011 Rocks Already

This showed up in my inbox recently:

That’s right! I booked my ticket for my February trip to DC. It’s going to be a great! A few days of wandering the city, seeing the Smithsonian, drinking coffee with Emily, and hanging out with Cara. I can’t wait. We got a great deal on flights and will be staying with Cara’s sister, so it’ll be a really affordable vacation. ‘Cuz that’s how we roll.

Also! Let me tell you have I have fallen in love with groupon. Cara and I have massages (half off!) coming our way early in the new year, we’re getting sushi (half off!) next week, and (most excitingly!) I just bought this:

That’s right. I’m going skydiving. It’s on the bucket list, I’ve gotta make it happen! I can’t wait for the snow to melt. Once it does, I’ll be jumping (out of a plane) for joy. Ha. It’ll rock.

I wanna know: Have you made any plans for 2011 yet? What are you looking forward to in the new year?