Saturday Small Talk

Yay Saturday! After days and days and days of cloudy, rainy weather, the sun is shining again in the northland. I’m thrilled. It’s amazing what just seeing the sun does to elevate your mood.

Mom, baby sisters, and I are in the Upper Peninsula this weekend. Mom is running a half marathon, I’m doing the 10K, and Naomi plans to do the 5K. Abby just had knee surgery, so she’s going to be our cheerleader extraordinaire. Wish me luck–I’m hoping to PR.


The internet, as always, has offered a wealth of random and interesting reads the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

After swearing I would never get an e-reader, I got a kindle, and I really like it. Apparently, though, reading a real book is still better for your brain than reading a screen.

Gilmore Girls is on Netflix! I don’t have Netflix, but if I did, I’d be stoked. Ever wonder, “Where are they now?

Iowa Girl Eats shared 20 of her favorite fall recipes. Brown Eyed Baker listed 14 of her favorite pumpkin recipes.

Want some inspiration to get out of the house? Here are 50 fun, cheap date ideas for fall. Take your boyfriend, spouse, friend, and/or dog, and make something happen!

Michael Hyatt writes about the 7 benefits of keeping a daily journal. I firmly believe in journaling, but definitely do not do so daily. I might have to give it a try!

From Kevin DeYoung: What We Won’t Regret. If you’re looking for a convicting read by this author, check out Crazy Busy. It’s well worth the $10 price tag (or the $7 kindle price, if you don’t care about your brain).

Enjoy your weekend, friends!

September Goals

It’s September? Wasn’t it May a couple of days ago? Wasn’t I recently waxing eloquent about how I’m a summer person, how I love it and want it to be here forever?

As much as I love summer and the warmth it brings,  fall is pretty great. Warm days, cool nights. Colored leaves. Crisp air. Apples. Pumpkins. Cinnamon. Cider. Donuts. It could be worse.

We just got back from our end-of-summer-hurrah to Isle Royale National Park.  In short, it was a wonderful week to disconnect, be still, and enjoy the great outdoors. I’ll write up a post and tell you all about the trip soon!

IMG_1058So, we’re back in the real world. It’s September. And here are my goals for the month.

  • Day hike! Make it happen.
  • Finish canning tomatoes (we’re 11 quarts in, thus far!).
  • Can applesauce and apple pie in a jar.
  • Run 3 times per week, including one long run.
  • Make a pumpkin treat of some kind.
  • Paint the two end tables in our living room, as well as complete a couple of other “decorate with very little budget” projects.

I wanna know: What are you up to this month?



Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

A couple of years ago, I started my 101 recipes in 1001 days challenge. A lot has happened in the last 1001 days of living. It’s hard to believe!

Last night, on the 1001st day, I baked my last recipe. Woohoo! It’s been such fun. My goal was to learn how to make a variety of recipes, most of them being staples or the homemade version of store bought goods. All in all, it was a smashing success.

My final recipe on the list was pumpkin whoopie pies. I bookmarked this recipe a couple of years ago, and it’s taken me until now to make it happen. I had no idea what I was missing out on!

IMG_0494 Bob’s verdict: NEVER lose this recipe.

And so, my friends, it’s a keeper.

Recommendation: don’t over-bake them! Even at 9 minutes, mine were a little bit too dark on the bottom. Next time, I’ll start checking at 8 minutes.

Recipe: Eat, Live, Run