Saturday Small Talk

Saturday! What are you up? I’m looking forward to lots of outdoor time, great views, and a good bit of reading in the hammock. Luxurious. We’re unplugging for the weekend, and I hope it will be the recharge my mind needs.

In case you missed it…the easiest and tastiest bread recipe in the world and how to pack food for your next backpacking or camping trip.

20 somethings–set yourself up for a lifetime of success.

Stunning images of females in agriculture.

We’re all superheroes on the inside.

How to create the illusion of more space in your home.

Do you lose yourself when you have kids? (And is that a bad thing?)

The most gorgeous photos and travel tips for my favorite state.

A flowchart for coffee brewers.

Women: learn to pee standing up.

A Toronto company has an unlimited vacation time policy for their employees. What an amazing perk!

I’m a sucker for royalty, and these photos of Princess Charlotte’s christening feed the obsession.

Have a GLORIOUS weekend!

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