(Secret) Santa

Christmas-time is here. Tis the season for office parties, and club parties, and small group parties, and….and…and… Fill in the blank! Bring on the secret santas, gift exchanges, and name drawing. How in the world is one supposed to buy personal gifts for so many people? Is it possible to do without breaking the bank?

Yes! And I’m here to help. Here is a list of some great sites to get the creative juices flowing. This doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful! Promise.

Lulu Belle put together two great lists: 50+ Stocking Stuffers for Men and 50+ Stocking Stuffers for Women. The lists are both filled with small gift ideas for a man or woman that you may not know very well (or maybe you do and just need some new ideas!)

If you’re really on a budget, Today’s Fabulous Finds has a list of 15 gift ideas under $2, complete with captions for each one!

For you DIYers out there:

dm designs has a photographic list of 101 different gift ideas that you can make.

If 101 ideas isn’t satisfactory, check out Tip Junkie’s list of 400 homemade gift ideas.

If you want a shorter list, check out The 36th Avenue. Desirée has a great list of 25 gifts that you can make for under $5. And no, you don’t have to be particularly crafty to make some of them. Check out her list!

I wanna know: Do you have any great stocking stuffer/party gift ideas? Do you do handmade Christmas presents, or prefer to buy?

Christmas at The Office

The last 24 hours have been consumed by Christmas at The Office. Last night, we went caroling, exchanged gifts, and ate beer cheese soup and tapioca (because that’s what you have at every office Christmas party, right?)

This morning, we decorated the main lobby of the office. YAY!

And there were all sorts of sweets….what exactly is a girl to do with all this yummy, foodie temptation?

For our gift exchange, the rules were that the gift you gave had to be homemade. Here are some of the things that people came up with:

  • homemade food
  • recorded CDs…I work in an office of musicians, what can I say?
  • an inspiration box: a decorated box filled with inspiring things like chocolate, a candle, coffee and tea
  • box of assorted candies/sweets
  • wreath table centerpiece

Christmas giving can be creative, friends!

I wanna know: Do you ever hand make Christmas gifts?