Lofthouse Cookies

Have you ever had a Lofthouse cookie? Those soft, fluffy, delicious, melt in your mouth frosted and sprinkled cookies? You know the ones I’m talking about. They taste like heaven in your mouth.

When I saw this recipe on Eat Live Run, I knew i had to try it. Frost them with a simple buttercream, and you’re on your way to taste bud bliss.

I recommend piping them onto parchment paper, instead of scooping with a spoon. If you have to choose between scooping with a spoon and not having these cookies, definitely choose the spoon. If you can pipe, do so like this:

IMG_0248They’ll look like this after a few minutes (check them after 10, don’t leave them for 12 as the recipe suggests) in the oven:

IMG_0258And then frost them…

IMG_0263And you’ll end up with light, pillow-y deliciousness. Frosted with butter cream.

Happy summer, friends!

The Best Spice Cookies Ever

I enjoy speaking in superlative. As evidenced by the title of today’s post. Sometimes, speaking in the superlative makes me sound melodramatic. Sometimes, however, the superlative happens to be the equivalent to the truth.

Like in this case. These cookies are perfection. I will never try another spice cookie recipe. In fact, I defy you to find me one that tastes this great. I’d be willing to place money on the fact that you can’t. Nothing will improve upon these cookies. Nothing.

The recipe can be found over at Simply Recipes. I usually make half a batch, because I don’t need a whole batch’s worth of cookies around my house. But you? I think you should live life on the edge. Go big. Use 3 sticks of butter in one batch of cookies. You won’t regret it.

They’re soft. They’re chewy. They’re sugar and spice and everything that’s nice about the world. And hot out of the oven? To die for. Need a closer look?

Happy Saturday!