ArtPrize, take 2

After flipping through the paper Saturday night, I noticed a few more ArtPrize exhibits that I wanted to see. I took advantage of the opportunity and killed two birds with one stone. I did my Sunday morning run downtown by the exhibits I want to see.

Turns out, one them is named after me! OK. Well, probably not named after me. But it has my name.

The name plate is above the numbers….see? It’s called “Rachel.” Love it. This piece was comprised of 14 large postcards that depicted the long distance love story between Rachel, who moved overseas, and a guy that she left in Grand Rapids. The postcards were 4 ft by 8 ft and featured photographs that the artist took over the 9 year span.

It was a tragic story, as it seemed that nothing was going to work out for the couple. Their plans to meet and/or visit each other were always thwarted. By the last postcard, there was no resolution, and the viewer is left wondering what happened to Rachel. Did she move back? Did they ever find each other? What the artist the one left behind?

Another fun sculpture installation in a park:


In other news, I got 2 runs in today. I don’t do that often, but it’s a nice way to get some more mileage in without the effort of a long run.

In order to assuage the pain of it being Monday, some happy doings were called for tonight. First things first, pizza! Top with grape tomatoes, red onion, zucchini, and green pepper.

Serve with a glass of red:

And smile because God loves you. The proof (among other things) is that O Brother, Where Art Thou? was on TV tonight. It should be illegal for Monday nights to be this awesome.

I wanna know: How did your weekend turn out? What was your favorite part?

Welcome to Grand Rapids!

Since I was in Grand Rapids today, I missed my farmer’s market back home. Tears. Instead of dwelling too long on the sadness, I seized the day and found the farmers market here. It’s cold enough that the goods will stay fresh in the trunk of my car.

It was such a great market! If you live in the GR area, I highly recommend the Fulton Street Farmer’s Market. There are 4 more weeks…take advantage of it. They have great variety of produce, home-mades, and baked goods at quite reasonable prices. Also, it’s 100% locally grown. I wish that I lived closer! I have a couple of new-to-me squashes to try out, as well as an eggplant to redeem myself from the last (failed) experience.

This afternoon, we headed downtown to check out ArtPrize. How awesome was it?! If you are within a 3 hour radius of GR, you NEED to come see this amazing city-wide art exhibit. It’ll be running through October 10. Just do it…you won’t be sorry.

I really liked several of the pieces at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art.

This was an interactive piece based on the art of confession. Very “Post Secret.” Sharpies available, if you felt so inclined.

This was a 2 ft tall, eye level collage strip that spread over several walls. It included saying after saying (varying levels of pessimism and optimism.) I liked the use of colors and fonts.

The front half of a race horse. Made completely out of white plastic kitchen utensils. With Abs and her fierce expression to set the tone.

Wanna learn how to waltz? This diagram was kindly painted on the sidewalk for your practicing convenience:

Don’t mind if I do.

After the UICA, we headed to the BOB. Apparently Grand Rapids is big on acronyms…this one stands for Big Old Building.

This piece was made entirely out of wine bottle corks and was called “Grace.” Make that two reasons for me to absolutely love it: wine and grace.

Guess the medium of this one. I dare you:

Are you guessing?

Are you?

Legos. It’s made entirely of legos.

Photo op! Ha.

Outside the BOB there were several large exhibits. Flying pig! Flying mechanical pig, to be exact.

There was also world’s largest greeting card for the city to sign, a greeting card for the world, actually:

The front says “Size Matters,” and inside, it continues, “The size of your dreams, the size of your heart, the size of your determination. So, elevate your dreams, unleash your heart, ignite your determination. Go big! Live and love large!”

All together now. “Awww….” How inspiring. Feel free to read a small amount of sarcasm in there 🙂

It was a great day to wander around the city, and contemplate some art and its philosophical implications (because I’m weird like that). I wish I had more time here, and might just have to come back before it’s over…