October is here!

Three cheers, people-folk. I love October. I just do. Warm days, cool nights. The holidays are just around the corner. The sun shines. The leaves change colors. I can eat squash. And roast the seeds. What more could a girl ask for?

The cat may or may not have taken up residence. He knows where the good stuff’s at: my back porch. He’s gotten pretty prompt about arriving when food is served. Smart little kitty πŸ™‚


Something new! I’m borrowing this idea from the ever-inspiring Never Niche, and making some goals for October. It’s a proven fact that if you set goals, give yourself a deadline, and write them down, then you are more likely to actually accomplish the goal (and do more cool stuff), than if you had not done any of the above. As such, here are the goals for October:

  • Running: speed session/hills once a week. One long run (of at least 5 miles) a week. 5K at the beginning of November to get ready for….
  • Buy 2 rolls of black and white film. Shoot them. Learn something.
  • Make yogurt from scratch.
  • Strength training:Β  4 times a week.Β 5 minutes each time. Just do it.
  • Attempt the climbing wall at the Y. If it’s challenging, buy a punch card for more climbs.
  • Backpacking/hiking in VA. Details about distance, etc. yet to be determined. Whatever happens though, it’s going to be awesome.
  • Swim once a week.
  • Make a savings plan. Determine long term and short term savings goals, and figure out the best way to invest each. Divide up savings acct accordingly. I’m going to check out Roth IRAs as well as Smarty Pig. Stay tuned. ***I am more than willing to take advice from more financially savvy people than I. Email me πŸ™‚
  • Find and create 2 completely new-to-me dishes that I’ve never made before. I think butternut squash soup is one of those….

I wanna know: Do you make lists? Are you a goal-setter or do you take the zen approach and take life as it comes?