Office tour!

Back in the day, I painted my brand new office. It was a grand time. Last you saw it, office looked like this. It’s not complete, but it’s getting there. I’ve come to adore my lovely, cheerful yellow office. Here are some photogs!

This is the view from where I sit at my desk. To be noted: A) Shakespeares’ Sonnets from Powell’s in Portland. B) Bookshelf! I heart books. C) Almost as much as I love the long map of the AT back there. D) Lamp from Lindsey, who got it from Joy. They’re great.

Music shelf and favored green lamp. This lamp is officially added to the collection of (what some people would classify as) completely  superfluous possessions that make my life happy. That list is very short. And includes my record player. And my backpack. Also notice MI license plate. It was my first one. I like it. Lots. Because I like Michigan. LOTS.

MasterWorkers…this filing cabinet contains the secrets of the universe. In case you were curious 🙂 The downside: it’s ugly. So, until further notice (paint job? cloth runner of some ilk?) it’s being beautified by my dear friend, Sarah. She bought this beautiful album for me and filled it with pictures of our 4 years in college. She gave it to me after I finished my senior recital, and I love to flip through it and enjoy the memories.

All that said, I love surrounding myself with objects and pieces of art that transport me somewhere else. I treasure items that remind me of people I love, places I love, memories I love. They point to something outside of myself, to the reasons that I value my life. Whenever I sort through my belongings, I attempt to sort based on that criteria. Why am I keeping this item? Do I need a whole box full of pictures from high school, or will one album with the best of the best suffice? Do I need to keep every last book I’ve ever bought? Or can I pick and choose and only pack up the unique ones, the ones that were memorable gifts, the ones I really loved to read.

When you surround yourself by a few things that carry deep meaning, you will find that you have more peace and feel less stress than if you live in a stuff-cluttered environment.

I wanna know: What sort of things do you surround yourself with? Why do you keep the things that you keep?