Coffee Cake

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and you deserve some coffee cake.  You need something to fuel all of your Black Friday shopping escapades. And if Black Friday just isn’t your thing, you still deserve it. You need something tasty to enjoy with your cup of coffee. In the comfort of your own kitchen. Something not healthy. Something containing butter. And cream. And sugar.

This year, like most, I’m in the latter camp. My two hands around my tea mug, still in my PJs, cozy at home. Not braving the crowds. Christmas music on the radio. And you know? I wouldn’t trade it for the world, this day after Thanksgiving food and happiness coma.

Regardless of having gone shopping or not having gone shopping, please make this. Thanks to the lovely Jenna over at Eat, Live, Run for creating this delicious recipe. It’s a cake. With strudel. That you’re allowed to eat for breakfast. It’s wonderful.

Here come my weary shoppers….breakfast, anyone?

P.S. Many thanks to The Guy Across the Street for hand modeling in that first photo up there. Well done. You have a future.

I wanna know: What did you do this year? Any Black Friday deals out there that I missed?