Canning Apple Pie

Canning isn’t easy. Doable, but a fair amount of work. Canning when you only have one foot is even harder. Doable, but even more work. Three cheers for friends who help!

Here’s the deal. Canned apple pie is pretty great. When you have canned filling, all you have to do is make (buy?) a pie crust, pour in a jar of pie filling and bake it. Voila! You have apple pie! You’ve already done all the chopping, sauce making, and spicing. Now, the pie is the easy part.

I followed this recipe. I found that the recipe makes enough sauce for 8 to 9 quarts, not the 7 quarts the recipe says. Win!

So, getting chopping….

And stuff those sliced apples into jars…

Cover with filling, and can them! Pie forthcoming…stay tuned!