Black Raspberry Crumble

Maybe it’s the frugal, Dutch girl in me, but I really can’t get over picking free berries. I went back. I’m addicted. I’ll probably go again tomorrow. I just can’t get enough.

Using this recipe for ingredient ratios, my little cornflower blue ramekin for portion control, and the berries I picked, I made dessert. Black raspberry dessert, to be specific.


plus crumble


Black Raspberry Crumble

Adapted from My Culinary Sanctuary

  1. Blend 1/4 cup flour with 2 Tbs. cold butter. Use a fork to incorporate the butter with the flour; you’re going for a crumbly consistency.
  2. Add 1/8 cup brown sugar and 1/4 tsp. cinnamon. Mix with fork.
  3. Fill ramekin two-thirds of the way with berries. Sprinkle with small amount of white sugar, if desired. Pour crumble mixture on top. You might not need all of the crumble mixture. Use just enough to cover the berries.
  4. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes (or until golden brown on top).
  5. Invert into bowl and top with whipped cream. 

Interested in more ramekin sized desserts? Check out Apple Crisp for One and Ramekin Spice Cake.

I wanna know: Are you baking anything this weekend?

Black raspberries

For free! There are wild black raspberries that grow by the campus soccer field, free for the picking. Love it.

Oh summer berries, how I love thee.

Whenever I pick berries, I eat about 25% of what I pick. Straight off the bush. It’s the way to go, I’m convinced. On my way home, I was contemplating all of the wonderful things that I could do with my bucket o’ berries. Cobbler? Crumble? Pie?

The verdict? Yogurt and granola and berries. Simple. Refreshing. Tasty.

I wanna know: What’s your go-to summer treat?

You can’t get better than ice cream in my book!

It’s an expedition!

An elderberry expedition! I was at Darcy’s house this morning when we were weighing our options for what to do with our empty day. We occupied ourselves with the A-Man and a thrift store for a few hours. When we got back, it was suggested that we go elderberry picking. Always up for an expedition, I was more than in!

Her mom makes some killer wine (I tried her rhubarb. awesome!) and wanted to start a batch of elderberry wine. She’d been making a list of places where elderberries are growing on the side of the road.

All in favor of a bit of adventure, Darcy, Caleb, and I hit one of the back roads on the list and found an elderberry bush.

Aren’t they pretty? Well, it turns out we only thought it was an elderberry bush. Oops. When we arrived at the next destination on the list, we discovered only one available berry. Oops. An hour wasted picking the wrong fruit. Here’s the real deal:

Not to be discouraged, we picked the bushes clean. And then discovered that the “trail” we were on was someone’s driveway. Hope that they won’t miss their elderberries!

We picked this times a little more than 2. Not so bad!

Tonight, I discovered a new group that I love! Cadillac native Rachael Davis and the band Steppin’ In It collaborate to form the group Shout Sister Shout. They did a show in the Rotary Pavilion here in town.

I loved it! It was a mix of bluegrass, funk, blues, jazz, etc. I heart fusion bands!

If you get a minute, check them out!