Mix it up

Please make this avocado pasta. It’s quick. It’s relatively healthy, depending on the pasta you use. It’s tasty. And it really is done in 15 minutes. No complaints here.

I decided to change up my lunch routine today. Usually, I make a salad or have a bowl of leftover soup. But today, I wasn’t feeling it. Dinner is going to be late. I needed something that was going to stick to my ribs. So I made pasta. With avocado. And it was brilliant. And will most assuredly stick to those ribs well into the evening.

I followed Angela’s recipe, and it led to this wonderful dish. Creamy. Delicious. To make the avocado goop, I didn’t use a food processor as she recommends, and I mashed it with a fork. It worked!

The only downside? No leftovers. Avocado doesn’t really do well if you want to save it. The upside: if you have leftover avocado goop, use chips and eat it like guacamole.

Happy Wednesday, friend!

Maki Rolls

Darcy showed up to Christmas with Nori paper, the pressed seaweed that holds maki and sushi rolls together. Since maki rolls are on my 101 in 1001 recipes list, I decided to, carpe diem. We set off to Meijer to pick up the remaining ingredients:

  • avocado
  • cream cheese
  • sushi rice (make sure you get sushi rice, not regular rice. it’ll make all the difference in the world!)
  • cucumber

Prepare your rice based on the directions on the package. While that’s going down, prepare your fillings.

Once your rice is done, you’re ready to roll. Literally. Since we didn’t have awesome bamboo rolling mats, we used parchment paper.

Something to bear in mind: use wet fingers when working with the rice, dry fingers when touching the nori. I’ll repeat that, because I mean it. This is important. Use wet fingers when working with the rice, dry fingers when touching the nori. Got it? Good.

Lay a sheet of nori on the parchment paper. Spread a thin layer of rice on the nori. On one end, line up your fillings.

Roll it up!

Find the sharpest knife in your kitchen. If your knife is dull, it will rip the nori. Once you’ve procured a knife of proper sharpness, cut the roll into bite sized pieces. It works better if you dip the knife in a glass of water first.

It worked! It worked!

We were both impressed with how simple it was to make decently successful maki rolls. I can’t wait to experiment and try different methods and fillings.