In Defense of the Weekend Getaway

Every year, two dear friends and I get together for a weekend getaway. We were lucky enough to live together when we all worked for the same organization in Indiana, and aim to recreate that sweet season for a few days each summer. These weekend trips are a tiny break from reality, a chance for the three of us to reconnect, to talk over coffee in the morning, and to laugh late into the night. For three girls from three different states, it’s pretty much magic.


Winona Lake Getaway

Last year, our trip was a true walk down memory lane. We got together in the town we used to live in–Winona Lake, Indiana. It’s a tiny, artsy town, full of cute houses, delicious restaurants, and adorable shops. Admittedly, we bring a host of fond memories and nostalgia to our trips to Winona Lake, but if you’re looking for a quaint and quiet weekend destination, look no further! It’s an easy drive from Chicago, Detroit, and Indianapolis, and is about halfway between Fort Wayne and South Bend.

When you visit, you need to get lunch at Cerulean (a bento box!) and then head back in the evening for their beer garden. Coffee and breakfast on the porch at Light Rail Cafe is a must. And make sure to take some time to wander the shops and check out the locally handcrafted goods.



The guest house we rented (it’s just past the lilies in the photo above) was truly delightful. Our hosts were so kind and helpful. The shower was incredible, and the studio apartment was furnished with everything we needed for our weekend. We booked through, and would stay there again in a heartbeat. When we were locals, we lived in a 3 story duplex with a walk out basement and porches overlooking the park. While we would have loved to stay in our old house for the weekend, we couldn’t. Something about current owners or whatever. The guest house was truly the next best option, and happened to be even closer to the coffee shop than we used to live!


Airbnb, if you’ve never heard of it, is this awesome site that allows you to search unique and interesting vacation rentals–rooms in people’s houses, cabins, apartments, flats, entire houses–and rent them for anywhere from a single night to several weeks. I love, love, love staying in vacation rentals, and often find the experience better than a hotel for a much lower price tag.

A bonus for you! If you use my referral link, you’ll get $40 off your first trip! Even if you don’t want to go to Winona Lake, check out the thousands of other rooms and houses available for rent on airbnb. You won’t regret it! Full disclosure: I’ll get a small travel credit on airbnb if you sign up through the link and take advantage of the killer discount.

I want to know: Where are you off to this summer? Where will you stay? In a house or cabin? A tent? A hotel? Do tell!

How to Have an Awesome Vacation

Last week, I put out a call for travel tips, and you all blew me away with your advice on Instagram, Facebook, and the blog. Thank you! Here are the best of the best to inspire your next vacation and make it a smashing success.

(Heads up! If you get all the way to the bottom, there’s a sweet travel discount, just for you.)


On planning…

Steve says: Plan the first day or two and the last day or two, but leave the middle flexible to take advantage of things you didn’t know about before you started.

Hannah says: Going to Hawaii? Wing it! Going to big cities or all across Europe in a short trip? Plan an itinerary. You will be thankful you know what you’re doing and are not trying to cram 6 major museums/attractions into the one day they are all closed!

Lindsey says: Leave room in your itinerary to be spontaneous.

Darcy says: Do some research ahead of time, pick a bunch of things that look like fun (note the dates/hours!), then when you get there, you have a list of options. My itinerary is rarely strict, but I also don’t like to be bored.


On making it affordable…

Darcy says: ANY budget can work with travel. (Click the link. You won’t be sorry). Also, the cheapest way to travel is to DIY. That all-inclusive hotel is NOT going to net you the best deal on a side excursion. Personally, I think DIY is a lot more fun too.

Darcy also says: Study abroad. It sounds really expensive at the time, but it ends up being the cheapest and best way to travel and really get to know a place. If it is an available option, don’t think, just DO.

Hannah says: Going to a city with lots of sights/museums? See if they have a city pass, and do the math to see if it’s cheapest to get the pass or to buy metro tickets and museum passes separately.


On keeping your cool

Darcy says: Bring tiny liquor bottles on the plane with you to avoid airline prices. Especially if you have flight anxiety.

Emily says: Roll with the punches-the missed trains, lost luggage, surprises. You’ll have so much more fun if you do, and rarely are those things that seem SO TERRIBLE at the time really worth the energy or worth ruining the rest of your trip.

On staying safe…

Diane says: Make sure when traveling outside of the U.S. that you make three copies (front and back) of your important documents such as passport and credit cards. Then switch a copy with your traveling partner and leave a copy at home with someone you trust. That way if your documents get stolen you have the numbers to call and get them replaced! The person back home can email or wire them to you.

Darcy says: Anything is doable if you know someone who has done it. For instance, Colombia might sound like the scariest place to visit…until you read about a couple who has done it, and they consistently say that Colombians are the nicest people on earth. Not so scary anymore.


On packing…

Megan says: Pack light! Carry-on size or smaller. Makes the whole experience much less of a hassle!

Hannah says: Take backpacks and carry on only. It’s so much easier. Bring a collapsible duffel bag to check on the way home. If you’re going abroad, it’s usually free coming back to the states! Also a reusable and very collapsible grocery bag is never a miss.

Diane says: Bring wash cloths with you to Europe, they almost never provide them for you.

Jim says: Pack old clothes. Wear then throw out! (so you have more room to bring souvenirs and things back with you!)

Kyle says: Don’t stress about packing – they sell shampoo where you’re going, and if they don’t, you can use soap for a couple days and it won’t kill you. Also, you cannot carry-on a soldering iron.

Shelley says: Roll your clothes, so you have space for things you might buy on your trip. Also, look at the airlines you are flying. Different ones have different restrictions on carry on sizes.

Mindy says: I found out the hard way– if you take checked baggage, do it in a dark color! I had a hot pink, cloth suitcase… Bad idea! You would think, “Easy to find, right?” It looked like a mechanic with dirty hands got ahold of it. Also the inside plastic corners were shattered to pieces. I would go with the hard plastic suitcases instead of cloth!

On footwear…

Hannah says: Salomons, Merrells, Chacos, Rainbows, and (as much as I hate to say it), Crocs dressy flats. They’re so comfy. Take no more than 3 pairs of shoes.


On where to stay…

Corey says: Stay in hostels and meet as many people as possible!

Hannah says:, Flipkey, and VRBO are legit and cheap stays. We had a private flat in central Paris for under $70/night, and have never stayed in Hawaii for more than $80/night. Places may even come with kayaks, bikes, snorkel, or various outdoor adventure gear.

Autumn says: Find boutique hotels. They’re a little more than your chain hotels but the experiences are worth it. We stayed in a hotel in San Diego where part of Top Gun was filmed in the basement. Our hotel in San Francisco used to be City Hall and had the old jail in it.

Darcy says: is a great way to travel cheaper, and if you stay in someone’s spare room, you can get some local tips for what to do/see/etc.

On where to eat….

Kyle says: Anywhere that looks crowded with locals must be good.

Hannah says: Take away food places in Europe are cheaper and significantly faster than cafes, yet still incredibly delicious. Also, look at TripAdvisor for cheap, highly rated, and legit eateries.

Lindsey says: Establish where the best ice cream and coffee can be found. Ask the locals about the best eating establishments and which sites are worth seeing and which are worth skipping. Find a flea market and fresh food market whenever possible.

Autumn says: Absolutely avoid any chain places. TripAdvisor is awesome for recommendations. If we are renting a car, we normally bring a small cooler and buy easy-to-make stuff like sandwich fixings, snacks, and breakfast foods. It helps us save so we can splurge on dinner.

Darcy says: If you see a roadside food stand full of people, pull over immediately, because that many people can’t be wrong.


On getting around…

Hannah says: Book train tickets through the advice of The Man In Seat 61’s site. You will find the BEST deals and advice that you will NOT find on various American or European-rail websites/passes.

Corey says: One of my favorite things to do is just get out and walk around. In Paris, I just walked to whatever I thought looked interesting. I was alone, I didn’t have a smartphone, and I’m sure it was not the safest thing to do, but it was an amazing experience.

Autumn says: Travel the back roads if you have time; skip the interstate. There are lots of cool attractions you’re normally just flying right by.

On traveling ethically…

The Idle European says: Venice is one of those cities that really suffer from the masses of tourists that come in there, ironically enough. For one, you should not arrive with a cruise ship. The ships are literally destroying the city each time one arrives the harbor next to Piazza di San Marco. Also, they bring people to explore in Venice for a couple of hours, and the city itself gains little compensation considering how much money is pumped into the product we know as Venice. Therefore, (no matter where you go) it would be best if your trip lasted at least a couple of days and you spend money in local products and services.


On traveling to Michigan (the happiest place in the world)…

Julie says: Marquette Michigan – Jump off the rocks at Presque Isle into the most beautiful, crystal clear lake in all of the US–Lake Superior! Go to Mackinaw Island and stay at Main Street Inn & Suites. The Honeymoon suite is to die for. A balcony overlooking the main shopping area is a must. The evenings & early mornings bring sounds of quiet streets and horseshoes walking down the road. The daytime it’s the hustle & bustle of tourists & so peaceful to just sit on the balcony & watch. The sunsets that are viewed from the public school only a short walk away are AMAZING (you can also see the bridge). MY FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH.

One more thing! If you click any of the links in this post, you can get $25 off your next booking by signing up for an account. Thanks, airbnb!

What tips and tricks do you have from your travels to add to this list? Comment below!

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