Low Key Spring Cleaning

It’s spring, and there’s nothing like the change of seasons and the warming (the slow, slow warming) of the weather to make cleaning seem like a good idea. Why is that? More light? Longer days? Open windows? No idea. But here I am, nonetheless: wanting to clean a little more thoroughly than my usual tidying and maintenance cleaning.

I followed the advice of The Lazy Genius and made my own list, rather than relying on someone else’s pinterest-worthy printable. What needs to be done in their house is probably not what needs to be done in my house. But a fun printable is way more interesting than a piece of computer paper, am I right?

So here you go, friends:

If I had colored ink for my printer, it would have printed this adorable teal and grey. But alas, I need to order more. The first two pages have blocks for typical rooms, and the last page is entirely blank–you label the blocks in a way that makes sense to you, either by space or by type of task.

If you have the hankering to do a bit of a deeper clean than normal, get your ideas down on paper and start crossing things off. I’m not going crazy here, but over the next few weeks want to accomplish things like washing windows, washing the shower curtain and rugs, and cleaning out the kitchen cabinets and wiping down the shelves.

I don’t have the time to dedicate a weekend, day, or even an afternoon to steady cleaning. But I do have small pockets of time throughout my days that will allow me to slowly knock off the things on my list.

Here’s to making things happen, one step at a time!

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