On Twins: 8 months old

The babies are 8 months old! We’re 2/3 of a year in, and life with them just keeps getting more and more fun. Here’s how things are going:

On sleeping: I’ll keep talking about this until I’m blue in the face, but Taking Cara Babies has been such a game changer. If you are about to have a baby, her newborn course is worth the money. She will teach you how to meet your baby where they are developmentally and set him or her up to be a great sleeper. This isn’t sponsored–I just love her that much! Right now, Isaac and Corinne consistently sleep 11 hours every night and take 2 naps a day. Life is good, people.

On eating: We’re still breastfeeding and going strong! Since they were 6 months old, we’ve been adding solid foods. They eat 3 meals a day, and mostly feed themselves. They eat soft foods that are east to grab–cooked veggies, bread, pasta, fruit, and peanut butter. Our kitchen floor is constantly a mess, but it’s worth it. They’re good eaters and try everything we put on their tray.

On playing: Corinne started crawling a few weeks ago, and she’s having the time of her life. Isaac is pretty content to sit in one spot, but he’s pretty good at scooting himself around when he sees something he wants to grab. We’re really enjoying the few nice days we’ve had–we go for walks and play on a blanket in the backyard while Julia runs around. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that they’re going to eat a good amount of dirt this summer. And it’s fine. Everything is fine.

On teeth: Isaac has his 2 front teeth and 2 bottom teeth, and is really close to having one of his eye teeth. Corinne is rocking her two bottom teeth with no sign of any others coming anytime soon.

On summer: This isn’t twin specific, but we’re all thrilled that summer is nearly here! Last summer, I was third trimester pregnant with the twins, and didn’t feel like myself at all. So this summer, I’m looking forward to doing all of the summer things–swimming, hiking, campfires, running, being able to stand for more than 5 minutes. You know, the little things!

Being a twin mom is a surprisingly sweet journey. I love them so much, and we’re having a blast watching them interact more and more. Here’s to another month of this great adventure!

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