2 Painless Money Tips

We’re 2 months into 2019, and the New Year’s resolution frenzy has died down. That means it’s the perfect time of year to set a goal or two! We have 10 months until the end of 2019, and you can make some big progress on your goals in that amount of time. Here are a couple of small ideas that could have a big impact.

Evaluate your subscriptions

Last year, I was looking at our expenses one month, and discovered a subscription service we no longer used automatically charged our card for another year. I couldn’t believe it! We purchased a 1 year subscription the year before, ended up not loving it, so didn’t use it much. They didn’t notify me they were going to renew my subscription. They didn’t notify me after they hit my card. They just did it! The only reason I knew they did was because I was checking my statement.

When I contacted them, I learned I agreed to this when I checked the little box consenting to their terms and conditions. I was shocked this was completely normal policy. Most subscription services operate like this!

After some insistence begging, I talked them into refunding me. But let this be a warning for you! Take a moment to evaluate the subscriptions and memberships you have–cable, gym, online communities, amazon prime–and cancel them if you’re not using them.

Start saving for Christmas right now

The average American spends $794 on Christmas gifts. That’s not a small amount of money! If coming up with money for Christmas gifts makes November and December stressful for you, plan now! You have 10 months, so figure out how much you’ll need for gifts, and divide by 10. Set aside that much cash each month in an envelope, and Christmas will be financially stress-free this year.

Click the link above to download an easy printable to help you plan! Every month, fill in a circle when you save the amount you need to, pat yourself on the back, and go forth and stress not about Christmas at the end of this year!

What about you? Any financial hacks to make 2019 a great one?

In case you missed it….an easy way to save money on your groceries (without clipping coupons) and an e-bates how to–get rebates on the online shopping you were going to do anyway (plus $10 just for signing up!)

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