On Twins: 6 months

We made it a full half a year with twins, and we’re alive. We’re more than alive. Life is pretty good! The babies keep getting more and more fun. Look how much they’ve changed!


The older he gets, the happier he gets! He’s still more serious than his sister, but he’s quicker to smile and laugh than he used to be. My theory: he had digestion and gas issues when he was tiny, and as his digestive system matures, he feels better. Hence, a happier baby.

He loves to sit and look around, and can hold himself up for short periods of time when we sit on the floor. He has two little teeth on the bottom, and the most adorable mohawk of light, fuzzy hair.


Always our happy girl, she may be small in size but makes up for it in personality. She loves to lay on her belly, and has started to pop up on her hands and knees a little bit.

She loves solid food! She’s tried squash, applesauce, and avocado so far, and has eagerly eaten them all. She doesn’t have any teeth yet, and has zero interest in sitting up.

These Days

Every week, we sleep a little better than the week before, and I can’t stress enough how amazing that is! Don’t get me wrong–I’m tired. I have 3 kids under 3. But I’m so grateful that I’m not up multiple times a night every single night with the babies. A true game changer.

During the day, the babies are on a really good routine. The type A side of me loves it! I can plan my days! I know what to expect! Once again, a true game changer.

Don’t get me wrong, it would be easier to have only one baby. Especially when they’re teething or fussy or not sleeping well–it would be much easier to have just one baby! But even for all of the hard parts, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Being a twin mom is so fun, and I’m grateful to have 2 healthy, growing babies. I can’t wait to watch their relationship develop and for our kids to have their own little tribe.

Life is good, friends, and it’s going to keep getting better!

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