A New Year

The end of December and beginning of January send my brain on a spiral of reflection and intention. I can’t help but think about the year past and the year upcoming. What was great about last year? What do I want to do differently in the new year?

On New Year’s Eve, 2017, I found out I was pregnant. As such, my only goal for 2018 was to survive pregnancy and the first few months of our new baby’s life. I thought I had it in the bag. After all, I’d done this pregnancy and childbirth thing before! When we found out we were going to have twins, that goal became real in a whole new way and 2018 became the year of the twins–twin pregnancy and twin newborn land all within one calendar year. I just wanted to make it to 2019 with my sanity intact.

Each year, I pick a word as a theme for my year. My word for 2018 was HOPE. I ended 2017 with the hope I would become pregnant. Early in my pregnancy, I had some small complications, and I hoped the remainder would be a healthy one. When I found out there were two babies, my anxiety skyrocketed, and I had so many hopes–a healthy pregnancy, safe delivery, and a relatively easy transition from 1 to 3 kids. Those things seemed to be a given when I thought it was just one baby, but suddenly seemed much more complicated in a twin pregnancy where things are considered high risk. All in all, hope was such a great word for 2018.

My 2019 word is EMBRACE. I want to embrace this season I’m in. My usual M.O. is to make a list of goals for the year and to itemize the things I want to accomplish in the next 12 months. This isn’t that year. Instead, it’s a year I want to embrace in simple ways. I want to be present and enjoy being surrounded by my tiny people. I want to laugh at the funny things they say and do and enjoy this for what it is–a short, exhausting season that will be but a blink of an eye, a season I’m sure to miss once it’s gone.

So friends, here’s to 2019 being a year of embracing where I am. A year of less phone time and more face time. A year of enjoying my people. A year of being intentional about the opportunities I say yes to. A year of more love and laughter and light and health. It’s going to be a good one, friends. I can feel it.

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