Heirloom Baptism Outfits

This summer, Bob’s aunt offered to turn the skirt of my wedding dress into baptism outfits for the babies. I went back and forth, and couldn’t decide what to do. Keep my dress? Turn it into baptism outfits? Keep my dress? Don’t?

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that my dress was just taking up space in my closet. It hadn’t been cleaned since our wedding 6 years ago, so obviously I wasn’t interested in carefully preserving it. This was the perfect way to save it in a meaningful, less space-consuming way!

The result? Absolutely stunning, and so, so special. Lori is so talented! The majority of the fabric came from my dress. All of the buttons and the blue accents on Isaac’s outfit came from one of Bob’s grandpa’s shirts. My mom made Corinne’s headband and two matching clips for Julia’s hair. All in all, so special! A true labor of love, and something I’ll treasure forever.


In addition to the beautiful outfits, she made them shoes to match.

isaac shoesDSC_5629

She made a few pairs of shoes like these for Julia when she was tiny, and we still have them! They’re soft, flexible, and so perfect for little baby feet. A pair or two of shoes would make such a great new baby gift! If you want to check out what Lori can do, head over to her Facebook page. Want to order? Shoot her a message!

Do your babies have any heirloom clothing items? Where did they come from?

Any tips for storing these outfits?

In case you missed it….how I cleaned my wedding dress at home and some of our wedding photos.

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