A Fun Half Birthday Tradition

Do you remember officially being 7 and a half or 10 and a half or whatever-age-and-a-half? When I was little–in elementary school especially–I remember it being a big deal to add “and a half” when anyone asked my age. Those 6 months made a big difference!

A year or so ago, I was inspired by a post on Cup of Jo to start celebrating our kids’ half birthdays. There are no presents or elaborate parties, but there is cake–the best part! Last year, she was too young to really get it or appreciate. This year, though, she was totally into it.


We made a special trip to the store to buy a cake mix and frosting.

Me: “Which one looks good? There’s chocolate, vanilla, yellow…”

Julia: “SPRINKLES!” (Funfetti)

Me: “Which frosting? Vanilla, chocolate, cream…”

Julia: “Blue! With SPRINKLES!”

And there we have it. A terrifyingly blue cake, covered in sprinkles by none other than the half birthday girl herself.


To start celebrating your own half birthdays, buy a cake mix, make two 9 inch layers. Take one of the layers, cut it in half, and stack it up with a layer of frosting in the middle. Voila! A half birthday cake.

P.S. licking the beaters and the spatula is the best part, no?

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