Our Kids’ Art Easel

The other day, I looked around our living room, and realized another toy purge was in order. I try to go through our toys and books periodically to keep our home from being over-run by kiddo stuff that doesn’t get any play time. And it’s time.

When I get around to it, some toys will get put in a bin to be rotated back out in a few months (they feel new again to little people!) or saved for little siblings. Some toys will get tossed because they’re broken or are missing parts, and others donated so someone else can enjoy them.


The one kid thing that makes the cut every single time is our art easel (similar, similar). Julia got it for her birthday 6 months ago, and still uses it multiple times a day. It’s 100% worth the space it takes up in our home! The easel allows her to be creative and to flex her independent play muscles.

A practical bonus: her art supplies are always easily accessible so she can help herself when the mood strikes. Doing art isn’t a big production that requires me to get out a bunch of things and supervise the clean up afterward. It’s all easy to get to without feeling clutter-y thanks to the storage bins.

Our favorite supplies to keep under the easel include:


If you’re looking for a great Christmas gift idea for a toddler or preschooler, look no further than an art easel! Do you have any kid toys that get used day after day after day? Any fun art supplies we should add to our collection?

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