On Twins: 2 Months Old

Our precious little babes turned 2 months old last week! I can’t believe it. It’s hard to remember a time when they weren’t a part of our family. At the same time, I still catch myself thinking, “I have twins? How did that happen!?”



I put out a story poll on instagram asking if anyone had any questions about the twin life, and I got several questions about sleep. Are we getting any? How’s it working?

Short answer? We are actually getting some sleep!

On nights // Most nights aren’t too bad! I’m grateful and so relieved. They go to bed between 9 and 10 pm, wake up between 1 and 2 am, and then again around 5 am. I can handle that! This isn’t to say we don’t have nights where one or the other of them wakes up every couple of hours. But those are the exception, not the rule.

On keeping a schedule // In order to keep them on the same schedule and prevent me from waking up for one baby, feeding him or her, and then waking up 45 minutes later when the other baby wakes, I feed them both at the same time, every single time. When one baby wakes up, I wake up the other one, and I feed them both. No exceptions. This was the #1 piece of advice I got from other twin parents–keep them on the same schedule. It’ll be good for them and good for my sanity. And so far, those parents have been 100% right.

On where they sleep // They’re in their nursery across the hall from our room. Babies are loud when they sleep! If they were in our room, I would wake up every time one of them groaned, and I have no desire to do that. Since they’re across the hall, I don’t hear the sleep noises, but I do hear them when they wake up crying. This time around, I’m embracing a white noise machine and blackout curtains in their room. No regrets! I wonder if Julia would have slept better had I had them for her? Who knows.

On swaddling //  They’re each in a rock and play and get swaddled for nighttime and their one longer nap in the afternoon.  These halo sleep sack swaddles are our favorite, and once they can roll over, we transition to these wearable blankets. For their short cat naps during the day, I don’t swaddle them, and they sleep in their rock and plays, the swing, their car seats….whatever is handy.


Twins 2 months

Having two newborns at one time has been an interesting experience. I count my blessings regularly that these babies are so sweet and content. They’re getting more and more alert and smiley, which is so fun. Bring on another month of the twin life!

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