Saturday Small Talk: Fall Edition

Happy Saturday, friends! What are you up to? Anything fun? It’s officially October, which means we are in the last 3 months of 2018 (HOW?!) Here are some things that have been tossing around in my brain these last few weeks.


My closet // Now that I’m not pregnant, I’m going to work hard to clean up my closet. By the end of this year, I’ll have gained and lost close to 50 pounds twice in 3  years, and as a result, my closet is full of pieces of various sizes. Now that I’m done and my body is slowly returning back to “normal,” I want to pare my wardrobe down to only the pieces I absolutely love. If I add anything new, I want to be strategic about what I’m buying, and then purchase it secondhand or from an ethical company. I was so inspired by this post by Erin Loechner and have had fun following the practical tips in Lindsey Kubly’s Wardrobe 101.

It’s fall // As the days get darker and the temperatures get colder, I’m setting some intentions for making it through to spring with my sanity intact. Currently on my list: get outside (almost) daily, stay active, prioritize date nights, and settle into a workweek rhythm with the kiddos. What should I add? Last winter was truly awful as I was first trimester pregnant and sick for most of it. I’m hopeful this winter will be better!

Reading // If you’re looking for a novel to lose yourself in, check out The Great Alone–well-written, adventurous, and a little suspenseful. In memoir land, I couldn’t put down Educated. I’m also reading The Soul of Discipline. If you have kids in your house that are 2 years old or older, I think you’ll find something helpful in this book.

My face // This facial cleansing routine from Young House Love keeps popping up in my Instagram stories (you have to scroll all the way down on that link to find the info). Diluted apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and face rolling. Have you tried it? Will it work? Will I break out like I’m 14 again? It’s affordable, all natural, and people swear by it. Might be worth trying?

Following // My friend Darcy and her husband live aboard their sailboat. As if that isn’t cool enough, they quit their jobs last week, are going to spend the next couple of months working on boat projects, and then they’re headed for the Bahamas. Here’s their plan!

Making // I want to make a wrap and a sling for the babies. I’m following this tutorial for the wrap and will make it long enough to wrap twins (205 inches/a size 7, for inquiring minds). Then I’m going to try my hand at this ring sling. I’ll only be able to carry one baby at a time, but want to give it a shot!


What have you been loving? What are you looking forward to in this new season? What’s bouncing around in your brain these days?

In case you it….A few healthy changes and the importance of labeling What’s Working rather than obsessing over what isn’t.

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