On Twins: 1 month

We made it 1 month! We made it 1 month! We’re all surviving!

For the most part, things are going really, really well. Bob was able to take 2 weeks of vacation right after they were born, which was amazing. Since then, our families and friends have bowled us over with help–bringing food, holding babies, playing with Julia–we’re so grateful. It’s made the adjustment to being a family of 5 so much easier.


I’ve had a few days of just me vs. the 3 kids and (lest I completely jinx myself) it’s gone ok. I’ve even taken all of them grocery shopping and lived to tell the tale! I like a good challenge, and will slowly go insane if I’m stuck in the house all day, every day.  It’s entirely worth all of the effort to get out, do something normal, and see other humans. Plus, we get donuts.

Almost every day, I put the twins in their baby carrier and Julia in her stroller, and we all go for a walk. This time of year is just so beautiful outside, and I want to enjoy it as much as we possibly can!

Curious how other things are going?

On growing: despite being the smaller twin at birth, Isaac is growing by leaps and bounds! Corinne is gaining a little slower, but she’s packing on the ounces, too.

On eating: I really wanted to be able to exclusively breastfeed them, and so far, so good! I’m grateful. For the most part, I feed both babies at the same time using this pillow to help position them. If you’re super curious, I almost always use football hold.

On sleeping: they’re definitely still in the newborn sleepy phase during the days. I’m not complaining! At night, they are generally in their rock and plays by 9:30 pm, they’ll wake up around 1 am, and then again around 5 am. Each time, they eat and usually go back to sleep pretty quickly. I’m sure it won’t stay like this forever, but for now–this is doable and I don’t feel too much like a zombie during the day.

On personalities: at 1 month old, Corinne is the more chill twin. She’s so content to hang out in a swing or a bassinet or on the floor. She is easy going and a super content baby. Isaac, on the other hand, seems to have worse gas, making him more uncomfortable and more fussy than his sister. Thankfully, they both take pacifiers and bottles–unlike their big sister did as a baby–and it’s a game changer.


Not that we haven’t had our moments of chaos (goodness, have we!), but I couldn’t have asked for a better first month of twin parenting. Here’s to having a great second month, too! We’re excited to see more of their personalities emerge, and I’m pretty psyched to get some legit smiles out of these sweet babies.

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