How We Do Freezer Meals

Before the babies were born, I hemmed and hawed over making freezer meals. I knew I’d be grateful to have some in the freezer, but balked at all the crock pot dump meal ideas on Pinterest. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, but with meals like that, all the flavors tend to blend together and the veggies turn mushy. Not my favorite.

After chatting with a friend, I decided to do freezer meals-ish. That is to say, I did most of the work of the main dish, and bought easy-to-prep sides in the freezer to go with them.

Freezer meals

Here’s what we have in our freezer:

  • Marinated chicken–we’ll have to grill or cook it in some way, but the fat is trimmed off and it’s pre-marinated
  • Taco Meat–cooked and seasoned
  • Pasta Sauce–cooked and ready to go. Just have to reheat and boil some pasta
  • Pasties
  • Frozen pizzas
  • Frozen french fries
  • Frozen veggies–corn, peas, mixed veggies

Up to this point, our family and friends have been so generous with bringing meals. We haven’t had to do much cooking the last few weeks, and we’ve barely cracked into our freezer stash. When we do, I know I’ll be grateful to have the meals, since it seems like babies love to be fussy right when you would like to get dinner on the table!


Have you ever made freezer meals? They can be so helpful–not just for new babies, but for upcoming medical events, a busy schedule (hello fall sports!), or when-life-gets-crazy easy dinners!

I’m definitely sold, and will be making more of these after our freezer is empty again. Any other ideas I should add to my list of go-to meals?

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