On Twins: 10 days old

They’re here! Corinne and Isaac were born last week, and we’re smitten. We’re slowly figuring out life with two newborns and a toddler, and are so grateful for our friends and family who have been celebrating with us and helping as we transition to being a family of 5.

Here’s how things have been going:

How was your delivery? It was so fantastic! I didn’t have to have a c-section, for which I’m thankful. I was induced in the morning, and by late afternoon, the twins were in our arms! Since then, my recovery has been something of a dream. I have nothing but gratitude for how the whole experience went.

twins hospital

How big were they? Combined, their birth weight was 12 1/2 pounds. That was no joke, friends, and was every bit as uncomfortable as it sounds. I love them so much more now that they can’t kick my ribs from the inside.

Are you sleeping? Some! It’s not great, but it could be much worse. We have them on a rough eat-every-3-hours schedule, unless they’re asking before the 3 hours is up. On the good nights, I can feed one, then the other, and I’m back in bed in an hour or so. On the not as great nights, they pass a baton back and forth and keep me up for a few hours in a row. Bob has been awesome and will take them in the early morning hours if they’re fed and just want to be held. Then I can get a better chunk of sleep before Julia wakes up and our day starts.

How’s Julia doing? She’s such a great big sister! It helps that Bob has been home from work–she has a parent to hang out with who isn’t trapped under babies all day! So far, she loves them (sometimes a little too enthusiastically) and we haven’t experienced much jealousy or acting out.

big sister.jpg

Are they growing well? Really well! They had a bit of a dip in weight gain due to some jaundice early this week, so they’ve been laying on bili-blankets to get that under control. I’m relieved to say the blankets, though they were something of a pain, totally did their job. Their levels are headed back into the realm of normal, they’re both eating better, and both gaining weight like champs. I’m so grateful for modern medicine!

Are you breastfeeding? Yup! I breastfed Julia and it was such a great experience, so I was really hopeful I’d be able to breastfeed the twins as well. So far, my supply is keeping up with them both and they’re gaining weight well. I’m hopeful that will continue! I want to get to the point that I’m able to feed them at the same time for most of their meals. We’re not quite there yet, but have had a few successful tandem nursing sessions. As they get bigger and more alert, I have a feeling it’ll get easier.

Twins home

We’re so thrilled that they’re here–and I’m so thrilled not to be pregnant anymore.  These babies are dreamboats. We’re so grateful they’re here and they’re ours!

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3 thoughts on “On Twins: 10 days old

  1. So glad to hear this update! Thankful for their safe, and relatively quick delivery, and that you are coping so well (glad Bob is home!) Will continue to hold all of you in prayer, the God blesses each step of this crazy ride of twin-dom! 🙂

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