On Twins: 35 Weeks Pregnant

We made it to 35 weeks! This is a huge milestone in twin land, as roughly 50% of twins are born by this point. Their lungs are working hard at practicing breathing right now, and every day they stay in utero is a day that they can pack on the pounds and be more ready for life in the great big world.

We had our last big ultrasound last night, and the tech estimates they’re weighing in at about 5 lbs, 9 oz and 5 lbs, 10 oz. That’s just over 11 pounds of baby! Good grief.

While I’m so, so, so, so grateful that this has been a complication-free pregnancy, I’m also so, so, so grateful that I’m almost done. I’m ready to be able to bend over easily, to breathe with less effort, to sleep better (ugh, sleeeeeep….yes, I will sleep better with newborn twins than I have the last couple of months of pregnancy), and to meet these two tiny people we’ll add to our family.


Here’s what’s we’ve been up to in the past month:

Nesting…hard core. I made a big list, and I’m almost done with it! It’s going to be awhile before any deep cleaning or organizing happens in our house, so it feels good to knock some things out before the babies get here.

(Re)-reading…the Harry Potter books. I’m on book 7! The last time I read them straight through like this, I had just graduated from college. Life looks a little different now, but I’m still enjoying the easy-to-read youth fiction.

Eating… chopped up watermelon and frozen ice pops on repeat. I wish I could say kale and lean meats, but I can’t. Feel free to judge me.

Prepping…some freezer meals! I’ll share a post with you in the next little bit about what’s in our freezer and how we’re tackling this one, but I’m pretty much done. I want to get a couple more breakfast type things in the freezer and one more dinner, but the bulk of the work is done–and it wasn’t that hard!

Writing… thank you notes! We’ve been blown away by our community’s generosity to us, and are so, so, so grateful!

Making…bows for baby girl! And for Julia, though Julia tears them off immediately. I used this pattern, and they’re adorable and so easy to make.

Still trying to decide on…nursery art. Guys, this is bad. I just need to decide, buy some pieces, and hang them. Thanks for all your suggestions after my last post! I owe you a nursery tour soon, too!

Planning on… an epidural. 100%. This is the entirety of my birth plan: epidural ASAP, and could we please avoid a c-section? The end.

Feeling…all the feelings. Physically, I’m totally done with this pregnancy. Emotionally, I’m excited to meet these babies and simultaneously mourning what their presence will do to our family dynamic. It’s going to be sweet and wonderful and all of those things, I know, but it will also mean big changes for Julia and for the amount of freedom we have to come and go easily.

Hopefully the next time I do a twin update, they’ll be here!

In case you missed it (or just want to see how teeny tiny my belly used to be)….20 weeks pregnant, 24 weeks pregnant, and 30 weeks pregnant.

6 thoughts on “On Twins: 35 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Praying for you and your family each and everyday, you are an incredible women-you have got this!

    Embrace each and every moment of this special journey!

    I love you, and I am so proud of the woman you are.

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