These days

In the midst of pregnancy and getting ready for the twins’ arrival, these summer days are just so, so sweet. I can’t help but be a bit sad that the twinvasion coming our way in a month or so will inevitably upset the groove we have going as a little family of 3.

It’s not like what we have going is revolutionary or particularly recommend-able. But it’s ours, and I love all the more for knowing that it’ll be getting a smidge more chaotic the next few months.


Every Monday morning, Julia and I head to town to run errands. Usually, this entails a stop at the bank and then a run to Aldi and maybe Meijer if we can’t get everything on my list at Aldi. If we have to go to Meijer, Julia knows we get “do-wunts” (donuts, for those not fluent in 2 year old). She generally picks one with M’s-M’s (m&ms), and I get a cinnamon roll with lemon frosting. Julia happily sits in the front of the cart, and loves to help unload the groceries onto the counter at Aldi.

Most weekday evenings, Bob gets home between 5:30 and 6 pm, and we have dinner together. After dinner, we leave the dishes and head out to the backyard for some play before bedtime. Julia hangs out on her play structure–climbing up the slide and flying back down again, swinging, hanging on the rings, and digging the sandbox. More often than not, she talks Bob into pushing her on “the big swing”–a baby swing that has ridiculously long ropes, resulting in a carnival-esque swinging experience. She regularly requests “unnie-dogs” (underdogs) to make her ride even more extreme. Thanks to being eleventy billion weeks pregnant, I usually sit in a chair and watch the fun. Then it’s bath and bed for Julia and chore/project time for us–dishes, laundry, painting, cleaning, etc.–before bed.

Julia Play set

Our weekends this summer have been so low key. I remember summers past when we would get to the middle of May and have every weekend for the upcoming summer spoken for in some capacity. Not so this year, and I’m grateful. A couple of weekends ago, we took donuts (it’s a theme, friends. I love me some donuts) to the beach and played in the sand and the water for a couple of hours on a Saturday morning before the sun got too blazing hot. The weekend of the 4th of July we camped at a cabin and lived in a lake for 72 hours, enjoying food and drinks and catching up with dear friends. The theme of this summer has been slow and relaxed, and this pregnant mama is grateful for that.

Julia Lake

Theoretically, the twins will be here within the month and all of this will change. I imagine our lives will become more divide-and-conquer, and less relax-and-enjoy-at least in the short term as we navigate those sweet, sleep-deprived newborn days. Even though the chaos is somewhat inevitable, there will be sweet moments within the chaos, as well. I just know it.

What are you loving about your family’s routine these days? Anything particularly fun or simple or sweet?

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