A Money Saving Tip for Your Next Vacation

When we travel for vacations, we almost always camp. But a couple of times a year, we’ll stay in a hotel for the sake of convenience. Since Julia joined us, we’ve learned that hotel rooms aren’t as fun as they used to be pre-kids. When we’re all in one room and Julia’s bedtime rolls around, we all have to go to bed. It has to be dark, and we have to be quiet. When it’s only 7:30 pm, that puts a bit of a damper on the rest of the evening.

Enter vacation rentals. You book them very similarly to the way you book a hotel room, only you have the option of renting whole homes or apartments. And so, when possible, we love to skip the hotel and find a rental that allows Julia to have her own space. The best part? These rentals are often the same price or even cheaper than a hotel room!


Last week, Bob had to travel to northern Indiana for a work training. I used to live in the same town he was going to, so when he texted to ask if I’d like to come along, my response was something like, “ARE YOU SERIOUS? YES! ABSOLUTELY! REALLY!?” I immediately hopped on AirBnb to see what rentals were available.

I found a small cottage near Winona Lake, right off a gorgeous paved walkway. It was adorable! It had a full kitchen with plenty of dishes and cookware. The bathroom had a full size washer and dryer in it, and there were so many extra hospitality touches–the hosts thought of everything! When we return to Winona Lake, we will absolutely stay there again.


So here’s how this works! You head to www.airbnb.com, and click “homes.” You can search by dates, location, how many guests the house will accommodate, and/or a bunch of other criteria. After the search widget works its magic, you can scroll through to see what’s available! If you’ve never tried AirBnb before, what are you waiting for?! Click this link for $40 off your first trip of $75 or more. You really have nothing to lose.

Where do you like to stay when you travel? Have you ever tried a vacation rental instead of a hotel?

In case you missed it….our trip to the upper peninsula of Michigan and another easy money saving trick for all of you online shopping.

2 thoughts on “A Money Saving Tip for Your Next Vacation

  1. That place is adorable! I love airbnb! We used it to find an apt. to stay at in NYC for a week a couple years ago, and it was SOOO much better than staying in a hotel. In fact, I need to see what I can find for the 4th-6th up in GR, so Josh and I can stay somewhere less expensive than a hotel for a couple nights. 🙂

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