An Easy Party Decor Idea

This week, my sweet girl turned two. I can hardly believe it! She’s becoming more and more little girl and less and less baby. A tiny part of me is sad, but most of me LOVES it. It’s so fun genuinely playing with her, watching her explore, and having little conversations with her. I’m loving this stage so much.


We celebrated the occasion last weekend with our extended families. I’m not one to go all out in the decorations department, but I did a couple of little things that were so fun and so easy. First, I made a little banner for our mantle. I downloaded and printed a free printable that has little flags for each of the letters and some punctuation. This one says “TWO!” and printed off square prints of Julia over the last year—roughly one for each month.


For the top of her cake, I stuck with the teal and the bunting theme and printed a mini “Happy Birthday” bunting. Leave some white space on top of each letter when you cut them out, fold it over your ribbon, and tape it down. Add a couple of cute straws to tie the ribbon to, and you’ve got the cutest cake topper in all the land. Plus, it comes in 10 different colors! No matter your theme, I’m sure one of them will match.


Some more I found and love:

Sweet watercolor flowers banner

A fabric floral option (washable! Reuseable!)

A colorful cake topper (with a tutorial) 

I had so much fun adding these little details to Julia’s birthday celebration. Even for someone who doesn’t consider herself crafty, they were relatively simple. I think I’m going to make the mantle banner a family tradition–it’s so fun to display a few photos of the birthday boy or girl to show how much they’ve grown over the past year.

I’d love to know! Do you go all out when you decorate for birthdays or baby/bridal showers? Or do you keep it more simple? Any tips for a novice decorator? Share below!

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