A few healthy changes

The weather has finally taken a turn for the nicer and more springlike! And with it, I realize my health habits have been on a steady decline since the beginning of 2018. I mostly blame this on pregnancy. When a very small list of foods sounds appetizing to you, you do what you can do and eat what you can eat and hope you don’t barf.  I’m 100% fine with this. We’re all on the other side of it, and the babies don’t seem any the worse for all of the macaroni and cheese I consumed.

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As morning sickness (mercifully) fades from view, my appetite is back to normal. But my less than ideal habits have stuck around. And so, I’m making some small changes that I know from past experience will have a big impact.

More water

I’m horrible about drinking water. It’s not that I substitute it with copious amounts of coffee or soda. I don’t. But I’m not even close to the daily recommendation for water, let alone the recommendations for pregnant women. When I start drinking more water, I know I’ll feel better!

More veggies

Raw veggies is one of the things I just can’t handle in early pregnancy. I had the same thing when I was pregnant with Julia. The thought of eating a baby carrot would make me gag, let alone trying to consume the recommended daily amount of vegetables.

Now that raw veggies don’t make me want to hurl, I’m going to start eating a salad a day. One salad. I’ll eat it as my lunch or as part of dinner, and that one change will go far in increasing the amount of vegetables I’m eating.

Less sugar

Guys. True confession. The sugar issue is getting out of hand! Winter hung around a looooong time this year, and I consoled myself by baking cookies. And banana bread. And then came the girl scout cookies. And the random container of “because it’s Friday” ice cream. And somehow, sugary snacks have become less of a treat and more of my daily norm. I’m not going to cut out sugar entirely because I’m not a crazy person (bless you if you don’t consume sugar–I’m happy for you and know you will live longer as a result. I wish you all the best). But I need to turn it back into a once-in-a-while treat.

What about you? What tiny changes in your health end in big results? Share in the comments!

In case you missed it…..evaluate what’s working (not what’s not) and the value of a weekend getaway.

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