On Twins: 20 Weeks Pregnant

A little over two months ago, we found that I’m pregnant with not just one, but two babies! Talk about the surprise of a lifetime. I was about 10 weeks pregnant, and we went to my first OB appointment, hopeful that my doctor would find a healthy heartbeat and we’d get to see a little gummy bear swimming around on the screen. As she moved the wand around, I remember thinking, “It’s amazing she can tell what’s what. There’s a lot of blobs on that screen!” Turns out all the blobs meant that there were two babies. Now I know!

Clothes jpeg


Since that afternoon in the doctor’s office, we’ve gotten through the shock of it all, and are pretty excited to add these two tiny babies our family simultaneously. I’m 20 weeks, which means I’m well over half way. SO! Let’s do a lightning round of questions!

Are they identical or fraternal? A couple of weeks ago, I had my big anatomy ultrasound, and we found out the babies are a boy and a girl, so they’re fraternal. No chance we’ll get these babies mixed up, which is a relief!

How are feeling?  So much better now! I think I was spoiled with a really easy pregnancy with Julia. I was a lot sicker for a lot longer with this pregnancy, and I’m still so exhausted. I think the exhaustion is going to stick around to the end, but I’m grateful the nausea is mostly gone.

Will you need a new car? Yes. Unfortunately. I love my little Ford Focus, but three car seats won’t safely fit in the backseat. After considering several options, we’re most likely in the market for a minivan in the next few months. I’m being a bit melodramatic about that transition, but I’ll be fine.

Will you need a c-section? This is a common twin misconception. Having twins doesn’t automatically mean you need a c-section, and I’m grateful! So long as the first baby is head down, I probably won’t need one. In fact, the second baby can be breech, and I still might be not need a c-section. Pretty sweet!

bump formated

When are you due? Twins are harder to predict, apparently. Average twin delivery is around 35 or 36 weeks, depending on which source you consult (for single babies, “normal” is 40 weeks). My OB won’t let me go longer than 38 weeks. All that considered, my due date is in August sometime. Mid August would be ideal, July would be a little scary, and my doctor won’t let me go to September.

How old will Julia be?  Is she excited? She’ll be just over 2 years old. She has no idea what’s coming her way, but will happily tell you there are 2 babies in Mama’s tummy, and they’re twins–baby brother and baby sister. We have a book about being a big sister that she loves to read. That said, she doesn’t really understand what any of that means.

Depending on the day, I’m excited, terrified, nervous, thrilled, and/or totally anxious. Sometimes all of the above. Being pregnant with twins is definitely an interesting experience, but one I wouldn’t trade for a thing. We’re so excited to meet these tiny people, for Julia to become a big sister, and watch our three kids grow up together. They’ll be so close in age, which will be hard at first, but I think (hope!) will be really great as they grow up.

So here’s to becoming a twin mom! It’s hard to believe they’ll be here in 4 months (or less)!

7 thoughts on “On Twins: 20 Weeks Pregnant

  1. We are so happy for you and your growing family. We love you all and we have compleye confidence in your awesomeness as parents. Please let is know if you need anything or any help with Julia when the time comes. You are one of the most organized and motivated people I know and You and Bob are amazingn parents. Your kids are blessed to have you!

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