A simple, beautiful baby book idea

When I was pregnant, I researched what feels like a thousand different baby book options. I wanted it to be affordable, relatively easy to use, and simple/classic in design. Now that she’s nearly 2 YEARS old (hold me) I can say with confidence, “This is what I’ve done, and I love it.”


First, I bought a Promptly Journal. This journal is the perfect spot to record your kiddo’s measurements and milestones, and also asks questions and gives prompts for you to answer. There are pages for photos, and lined pages for you to write whatever you’d like. It might not be for everyone, but it’s perfect for me! During the first year, there’s a small section for each month. And after the first year, there’s a larger section for each birthday through 18. They say it takes less than 1 hour per year to fill in after their first birthday, and that feels pretty sustainable.

Baby Book

Baby Book


The Promptly Journal only has space for one photo per section (two if you crop them down a bit). And let me tell you….I have WAY more than one photo per month for her first year. I went on the hunt for the perfect photo book company that would allow me to print my favorite photos. I was looking for affordable, linen cover options, pretty page templates, and an easy interface. I finally settled on Snapfish.


DSC_4339I love their cover options, their layouts are fantastic, and they have tons of different graphic and text options! It’s all online and so easy to use. If you sign up for their newsletter, they will often send deals and codes for 50%-60% off products, so if you aren’t in a rush to receive your book, it’s worth creating your book, saving it, and waiting for a good discount.

What do you do (or will you do) for your kids’ baby books? I would love to start creating a video for each year with some of the cute video footage we grab on our phones, but that’s another project for another day!

In case you missed it…creating a photo yearbook in 4 easy steps

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