What are you listening to?

In the last year, I’ve spent more time at home than any other season in my adult life. It’s just me and my kiddo for most of the day, and it gets quiet. Don’t misunderstand; she’s 1 year old and keeps a steady stream of babble going, so it isn’t quiet. But the house still seems empty.

For the longest time, I kept the radio on for background noise. This summer, though, I suddenly got sick of the rotation of stations, so I’ve been switching it up and listening to podcasts more and more.

I’ve been getting into these recently:

Young House Love Has a Podcast: They started out as DIY bloggers, took a bit of break, and came back with a podcast! It’s such a fun listen. Their episode Why We Stopped Sharing Our Kids on the Internet isn’t their typical format, but was so thought provoking. How to Conquer Paper Clutter was a great listen and more typical of their fun-loving style mixed with helpful home tips.

Coffee+Crumbs: I can’t get enough of this biweekly podcast for moms. It’s like a great chat with good girlfriends. The One with all the Birth Stories had me laughing out loud on a run, and This is How We Do It with Rachael Kincaid was so inspiring.

Freakonomics: Their episodes are always so interesting! Recently, I’ve loved Everything You Wanted to Know about Money (But Were Afraid to Ask) and The Stupidest Thing You Can Do With Your Money. If saving for retirement seems very mysterious to you, it doesn’t have to be! Check it out and you could be a retirement savings expert.

The Next Right Thing: This one is a new podcast from Emily Freeman. Her voice is so soothing and encouraging. I feel like I should listen to this podcast doing sun salutations or sitting in child’s pose.

Willow Creek Community Church: Their summer series on cultivating the fruits of the spirit was so great. Regardless of your religion or faith, everyone could use more peace, love, joy, and kindness in their lives, right?

It’s so easy to start listening to podcasts! For iPhone users, go to your Podcasts app, search, and click subscribe on the podcasts that look interesting. If you’re on an android, do the same in google play music. So easy! Just set your permissions to download when your phone is connected to wi-fi, and you’re on your way to enjoying podcasts on your commute, while you cook dinner, or go on a run.

What are you listening to these days? Anything I should add to my podcast subscriptions? 

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