My favorite tip for enjoying holiday parties

‘Tis the season for all of the holiday parties. People! Celebration! It’s the best of all the things! It can require a lot of time, though. Bringing a savory dish to one party, dessert to another, and picking up a bottle of wine for yet another. So here’s what I do to stay sane. Are you ready for this? Get excited.

I pick one or two things at the beginning of the month and that’s all I take to every gathering. Simple, right? Here’s why it works so great:

1. I have the ingredients in my house, and can avoid late night runs to the store because crap-I’m-out-of-cream-of-tartar-and-absolutely-need-it.

2. The second, third, fourth time I make a recipe? I rock it. I know it’s going to come together and be tasty and I just get it. You know?

3. Not often will you run into the same person at more than one party. You have your work party, your friends’ get together, your family reunions. And how often do people overlap? Rarely. So no one will know you brought the same thing to each party. Except you and me. And your secret is safe here. Promise.

Want some suggestions for what to make? Here are two of my favorites:

A cheese ball and crackers. It’s classic and delicious! I made Damn Delicious’s Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball because bacon and ranch. You’re welcome.

Cheese Ball

Bread. People will be so impressed. It’s so easy and so affordable to make homemade bread. Want to take it up a notch? Make some fancy butter to go with it.


If cooking isn’t your thing, not a single person will object to you bringing a bottle of wine. To save yourself 6 trips to the store for 6 different parties, go the store this moment and buy 6 bottles of something you love. They might even give you a discount!

I want to know: do you have any hacks for saving time and sanity around the holidays? Share them below!

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