The Easiest Thanksgiving Side Dish–Crockpot Carrots

These carrots you cook in a crock pot are an easy and delicious dish to take to any and all Thanksgiving gatherings this year. Just a hint of sweet, and perfectly soft!

Thanksgiving countdown: 19 days! Get excited! I love Thanksgiving. Food, family, more food. Are you hosting this year? Going somewhere? Bucking tradition and not doing anything at all?

If you’re doing a traditional-ish Thanksgiving dinner, I have an easy side dish for you.  You’ll need a Crock Pot, and I totally recommend the 6 quart Crock Pot I have. You can cook on high or low, set a timer for how long you need to cook the dish for, and then it auto switches to warm. PLUS! The lid locks on for ease of transporting.  I use this baby all the time, it cooks evenly, and it’s worth every, single penny.

Crock Pot

Enough of that. The recipe! This will feed quite a crowd–upwards of 20 people. Feel free to scale it back by half if you don’t have that many people attending your Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving celebration to you and yours!

What else is on your menu? Comment below and inspire me!

In case you’re interested….how to make a lattice top for a pie and homemade whipped cream.

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