A Weekend in Grand Haven, MI

Last weekend, we spontaneously hopped in the car and headed South to the little town of Grand Haven, MI. Some friends recently moved there, and it was high time for a visit. We started the weekend with a baseball game in Grand Rapids–go White Caps!


The next morning, we girls went for a bike ride on beautiful Lakeshore Dr–the perfect way to start any day. The wide bike lane on either side of the road was to die for!

After breakfast (check back Monday for the best bread recipe of your life) and copious amounts of coffee, we packed up for the beach. A short bike ride later, we arrived and staked out our claim on the sand.


(If you’re looking for a great summer read, check out Station Eleven. It sucked me in!)

We spent a few hours at the beach soaking in the sun and watching a beach pole vault event. The water was way too cold for swimming, but I stuck a toe in a couple of times.

After lunch and a bit more beach time, we packed up, hopped on our bikes again, and headed into town to Oddside Ales. We sat on their back patio, drank a couple of beers, finished off the peanuts from the baseball game, and chatted. I could have wasted away my entire afternoon there. Interesting aside: their building is an old piano factory–very cool!


Bottom line: I was blown away by Grand Haven! It has a great small town feel, with fun shopping downtown, great places to eat (I hear Porto Bello is delicious!), and ample amounts of beach, beach, beach. It’s well worth a weekend getaway!

If you’re going to give Grand Haven a try, I highly recommend biking as your main mode of transportation. Nothing is more than 2 or 3 miles from where you are, and it’ll be much easier to find parking.

Where is your favorite weekend getaway?

If you’re interested…a weekend in Sarnia, ON, and a weekend on Orcas Island, WA.

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