Saturday Small Talk

Howdy! How was your workweek after the holiday weekend? Did you survive? Here’s to another summer weekend! My big news-after a couple of attempts thwarted by Mother Nature, I’M GETTING MY BEACH DAY. Three cheers. We’re enjoying the beauty that is Lake Michigan, soaking in some sunshine, and generally being lazy. All. Day. Long.

In case you missed it….Watermelon Jolly Rancher Jello Shots and Must-Have Shoes for Your Next Vacation.

What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever read?

We went to a drive-in movie and saw Inside Out last week. I loved it. This article offers an interesting look at the movie’s lack of a villain, and why that matters.

Jim Gaffigan cracks me up.

Summer fun in Traverse City.

The coolest: a wrap-around staircase on a tree.

A 103 year old Orca whale was recently spotted, which is problematic for Sea World.

Does your city discourage marriage?

How to lower your cell phone bill.

Start a compliment club.

A crazy story of two sets of identical twins mixed up at birth, raised as fraternal twins instead.

Enjoy your weekend!

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