7 Podcasts to Check Out on Your Next Roadtrip

It’s summer! I don’t know about you, but we tend to take more roadtrips during the summertime. We’re more inclined to take daytrips to nearby towns, drive to a new (or favorite) camping spot, or head to the beach.

While we’re on the road, one of our favorite things to do is listen to podcasts. They make the time go more quickly, and spark some interesting conversations. Do you ever listen to podcasts?

Here are some recommendations, if you’d like:

We spent (almost) our entire trip home from South Carolina listening to Serial–the NPR podcast that went viral last year. If you’re planning a long roadtrip and have managed to avoid the Serial hype and spoilers, I recommend it. Psst….Season 2 (completely different story) coming later this year!

Our mutual favorite is the Freakonomics podcast. If you want to learn strange information about normal things, check this one out. For instance: The Power of Poop, Is College Really Worth it?, and  The Upside of Quitting (my favorite–they interview a prostitute ahem…professional escort turned economist).

I love Around the Table. If I were on a solo roadtrip, I would download all of their archives, and it would be like having two girlfriends in the car to chat with me.

Another winner is the How Stuff Works podcast. Examples: How Cinnamon Works, How Temper Tantrums Work, and Boomerangs: Magic Sticks of Physics.

The Dave Ramsey Show offers financial wisdom with a heavy side of wit and sarcasm.

Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me is hilarious, but it’s only really funny when it’s current, as it’s a current events radio game show. That said, totally engaging and worth it.

Michael Hyatt publishes a weekly podcast called This is Your Life. He covers work, family life, productivity, and leadership. You’re sure to be inspired!

Are you interested, yet? If you want to get started listening to podcasts in the car, you’ll need a device to play them on. We use an old iPhone, download podcasts to iTunes, and sync, but any media player and file manager will work! To play it through the car stereo, we use a FM Transmitter. Find an empty radio frequency to play it over, and you’re good to go. Obviously, if you have bluetooth or a hard connection from your car to a media player, you’re in much better shape than we are!

What do you listen to on the road? Share in the comments!

If you’re interested…my Great American Roadtrip and 7 fun day trips to take in Michigan.

2 thoughts on “7 Podcasts to Check Out on Your Next Roadtrip

  1. Hey Rach! I’ve only listened to This American Life. Your recommendations sound great, I just get lazy about downloading/syncing them. I’ve also heard good things about Radiolab. I’m amazed how they actually distract me while working out.

    • I love This American Life. I can’t believe I forgot that one. I’ll have to check out Radio lab-thanks for the recommendation!

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