Saturday Small Talk

Weekend! What are you up to?  We’re celebrating another cousin’s wedding today–this time, on the other side of the family, so we get to catch up with them, too. Three cheers!

In case you missed it: the blog name changed (YAY!) and we talked Sarnia, ON, and party centerpieces.

Hawaii is a beautiful place–so much more than beaches and resorts.

An interesting map showing the hourly wage needed (on average) to rent a 2 bedroom apartment in each state.

Clutter has its place.

Wedding etiquette–do you agree?

A fun look at names (and why they matter).

The many, many ways to sign off an email. Did your favorite make the list?

“Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” 9 lies we’re told about our time.

What to do when you give up on your dream you’ve chased.

How to make an awesome bouquet with fresh-picked flowers.

May your weekend be filled with relaxing and adventure!

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