A Wedding in Sarnia, ON (and an adorable centerpiece idea)

Last weekend, we crossed the bridge from Michigan into Sarnia, ON, for my cousin’s wedding. It was a short trip, but a good one. We had lots of time to visit with family, catch up, and hang out.

For eats, we tried Poutine. Somehow, in all of my visits to Canada, I’ve never had poutine–french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. It’s every bit as delicious and unhealthy as it sounds! We also hit up Tim Horton’s for some caffeine and donuts. I know there are Tim Horton’s in the states, it just feels more authentic in Canada.

The wedding was lovely. Favorite detail: instead of tulle at the end of the pews, they used the most delicate and beautiful lace. I meant to snag a photo of it, but was busy playing piano for the ceremony–so I didn’t.

After the ceremony, some cousins joined us at Refined Fool Brewing Co. while we waited for the reception to begin. We each got a paddle of beers to sample, and had fun comparing notes. All of the beers had unique flavor (the smoked beer smelled like bacon!), while staying within your expectations for that style. As always, I loved the IPAs the best. If we ever find ourselves in Sarnia, ON, again, I will definitely go back!


At the reception, the first thing to catch my eye was the centerpieces. The idea is so simple, easily DIY, and would be great for any book lover’s wedding,  shower, or party. Each one had 3-4 books, stacked up, and tied with a wide ribbon. Each stack was topped with a saucer and a teacup, which was filled with flowers. To identify the table numbers, they added a card into the flowers, but these would be just as lovely without.

And the wine! It was handcrafted just for the occasion and given custom labels. Their wedding favor was two tea bags with two cubes of sugar, in a little drawstring bag.

It was a great weekend, all told. Thank you for inviting us to celebrate with you, cousins!

Have you planned a big event recently? What were your favorite details?

If you’re interested….our wedding and 60 years of wisdom.

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