State of the Blog Address

Happy Monday! This weekend, we took a little trip to Sarnia, ON, for my cousin’s wedding–more on that on Thursday! Today, the Main Thing is….the blog! Welcome to!

Everything *should* be working and ready to go, and all of the links should be fixed post-transfer (if you find something isn’t leading you to the right spot, please let me know!). I’m excited about the possibilities for my little corner of the internet from here on out.

Fun updates to make your life easier are the social media icons right over there –> and the pin it button you’ll see as you hover over each photo. Love a photo? Want to save a recipe or some travel tips for later? Pinning will be loads easier with this new format. See that adorable little red button in the upper left corner? Just click and pin, click and pin.

AND THE BEST THING? Balance and Blueberries is officially mobile friendly. No more zooming and squinting to read that recipe while your hands are covered in flour or gravy or strawberry juice.  You’re welcome.


Thanks for celebrating with me!  Stay tuned for even more exciting changes. First up: the archives and my recipe posts are getting a facelift. Anyone want to intern for me? In exchange, I’ll give you high fives and many, many glasses of wine. That’s almost as good as cash, right?

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