Tips for a Great Camping Trip

This past weekend, we went camping. It was our first trip of the summer, and it was awesome. As someone who backpacks, car camping feels so luxurious. You can bring things like heavy sleeping bags, air mattresses, pillows, and sweatshirts. I’m telling you: luxury.

We spent two nights at Hemlock Campground, on the shore of Lake Mitchell in Cadillac, MI. The mosquitoes aside, we had a great weekend hanging out, cooking over an open fire, and enjoying the great outdoors.

If you’re about to embark on a camping trip this summer–and you should definitely plan on camping this summer!– here are some tips from around the internet:

For the beginner:  Trail Sherpa has some great tips, broken into the 4 essentials: shelter, fire, food, and water.

What to eat: 25 delicious meals and treats to make over a campfire. 10 easy and cheap camping meals. And there’s always the classic tin foil packet dinner.

For the kids: Tips for camping with your kiddos, and some fun camping oriented toys you could take with you. Big hits with our friends’ kids this trip included fishing, their bow and arrow (with the suction cup arrows), and the butterfly net/toy binoculars.

Packing: A checklist for what to pack.

On pinching pennies: Tips for keeping buying equipment without breaking the bank.

What tips or tricks do you have for camping?

In case you’re interested….homemade marshmallows and the best dried apple wedges.

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