Saturday Small Talk

Welcome to your (long!) weekend. Are you having fun yet? We’re with friends at a campground, and loving every second of our first 2015 camping trip. If the sun keeps shining, I hope to get the garden planted. We’ll see! 2014-09-07 19.02.02In case you missed it….the most delicious (and easy!) stuffed pasta shells and 7 day trips to take in Michigan this summer.

Having a cookout? Here’s a list of 20 favorite Memorial Day recipes.

These 30 Items are becoming less common in our homes.

On Monday only, Shoot Fly Shoot classes are half off! Here’s what I thought about their Photography 101 (I loved it).

Leave room in your schedule for enjoying your summer.

Horrifying clutter stats about Americans.

Make sure your kids are safe around the water this summer. A bit heavy, but worth it.

Things we should understand about our Type B friends/selves.

Asking better questions might save your relationships.

Reading anything on paper is still better than reading anything on a screen.

Darcy posted some gorgeous photos from their trip to Boneyard Beach in South Carolina. It’s now on my list of places to visit! Enjoy your weekend, friends!

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I will get a small cut if you make a purchase.

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