Saturday Small Talk

It’s Saturday! We had some friends over for pasta last night, and then I stayed up way later than I should have finishing the book I was reading. As a result, this Saturday morning has been the epitome of lazy. And I’m not sorry.

Today, I need to figure out how to cook a massive, boneless ham. Any tips?


If you’re looking for reading material this morning, here are some ideas:

There’s value in settling for “good enough” on occasion. In fact, you might even be happier for having done so.

How to get your money’s worth out of your Sam’s Club or Costco membership.

Looking for a fitness challenge for this month? I’m joining Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point in her Ironman April Challenge.

Science says you should spend your money on experiences, not on new toys.

I love reading a good novel, and Falling Together absolutely qualifies as such.

I was chatting with a friend about car camping yesterday, and I’m so excited. Here’s a packing list, delicious recipes for cooking over a campfire, and 10 things to avoid if you actually want to have a good time.

Chickabug has an infographic that shows how much food to serve at a party based on the number of guests you’ll have. SO HELPFUL.

Living rooms for people who love books. It’s my dream to have a sliding ladder and built in bookshelves.

Enjoy your weekend!


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