Saturday Small Talk

Congratulations on making it to another weekend! The time has sprung forward, and we’re enjoying the light(er) evenings. Did spring-like weather come visit you this week?


A desire to travel could be in your genes. Or not. Were some people born to travel?

Thanks to bloglovin’, I’ve been following Apartment Therapy more closely than I usually do. Recently: dowel projects, technology charging station, how to know when it’s time to move, and 10 clever things you can do with pegboard.

Whenever we go to a knew place, I love checking out grocery stores. Bob thinks this is weird. Apparently, I’m not alone.

I’m always interested to hear what makes long-lasting relationships thrive. I think number 4 is especially key.

Our culture uses exhaustion as a status symbol. The busier we are, the more awesome we are, right? Wrong. Brene Brown discusses this issue with the Washington Post.

How do you feel about coffee in your cocktail?

Do you organize your digital photos? One blogger doesn’t, and here’s why: “I take photos to share them. Share them currently, with family, friends and blogland….Photos, to me, are a form of communication….Because really… Tens of thousands of digital photos? I am so bored just thinking about those and I took all of them.”

Enjoy your weekend!

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